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Pilot Menu is your go-to platform to answer any question that future pilots may have. Pilot Menu is a platform for training providers to present their offerings in a clear and concise way.

Pilot Menu delivers transparency to the pilot training industry.

Pilot Menu Milestones

Pilot Menu has ambitious plans to become a one-stop shop for information for pilot training. There will be many exciting partnerships, ambitious tech builds, social media successes and much, much more. Follow us along our journey as we strive to bring transparency to the pilot training industry.

Chris' Pilot for a day

Chris was a winner of our first competition, organised with our partner OSM Aviation Academy. He was picked at random to win the prize and was availing of the flights and hotel to Västerås, the simu...
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Pilot Menu are delighted to announce OSM Aviation Academy as their launch partner

OSM Aviation Academy has their headquarters in Västerås, Sweden and have recently expanded with a new training location in Arendal, in Southern Norway last year. The academy is also looking to stren...
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OSMAA competition winner

We are delighted to announce Christopher Chivers as the winner of the great competition that we were running in association with OSM Aviation academy.Chris is a 28 year old air traffic controller, who...
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Our Partners

We are nothing without the support of our partners. These great brands want to be part of the solution to balancing pilot training supply and demand. We endeavour to only partner with the best training providers in EASA.

Latest Articles

Be inspired by those who have trained in front of you. We are championing the most interesting people and stories for you, the future pilot.

Becoming a pilot through cadetship

There are many ways to pursue your dreams of becoming a pilot. One such way is through cadetship. This means that you complete your training in affiliation with an airline.  In some cases ai...
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What is MEIR?

The Multi Engine Instrument Rating is the qualification required to operate safely in instrument meteorological conditions, under Instrument Flight Rules. It means that a pilot is able to fly air...
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How to pick a flight school

Picking your flight school is the basis of your career as a pilot. It’s an important choice and the options can be overwhelming.  To make things a little easier, here are a few pointers of...
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